Project Life Natura CO.ME.BI.S.

The project, well known as Life Natura Co.Me.Bi.S. (Conservation Measures for Biodiversity of Central-Mediterranean Sea), is based on urgent conservation measures for the biodiversity of the central-Mediterranean coast. Main objective of the project is to restore and to enhance coastal and marine habitats, some priority, of Community interest, of the Latium and the Calabrian shoreline (Tyrrhenian and Ionic Seas), partially compromise or degrade for direct or indirect human pressures. Moreover, objective is also to realise a management strategy "on wide scale", with the scope to produce resonance on remaining Nature 2000 sites, located along the near coasts. The sites of Community importance of the Latium and Calabrian coasts represent the last natural relicts, or the last tanks of biodiversity, of the Tyrrhenian and the Ionic Seas. The project has the scope to implement, on a large territory, the LIFE philosophy by means of the more advance methodologies and the approaches (i.e.: ICZM).



The Beneficiary is the Latium Region that takes advantage of the technical support of the Parks Regional Agency.

Latium Region

The Region is a public body with regulations, powers and functions according to the principles of the Italian Constitution. Institutions of the Region are: 1) the regional Council; 2) the regional Committee; 3) the President of the Committee.
The regional organization is divided in institutional and operating structures.
In the institutional structures, there are 12 Councillorships, comprising the Environment, Public Works and Transports. The Environmental councillorship manages the safeguard and the land development policy. In order to release these functions, it is structured in three distinguished Departments: Public Works and Services for the land, Environment and Civil Protection, Mobility and Transports.
The Environment and Civil Protection Department is competent for the protected areas, the SCIs and the SPAs. The Department has, between its technical structures of reference, the Parks Regional Agency that it will have the task to technically support the activities of the LIFE Natura 2006. The Agency is an instrument to support of the protected areas of the Latium, that it has introduced and proposed a series of strategic programs linking with the international, national, regional experiences.
The Parks Regional Agency has written up the Management Plan of SPA IT60390043 Lepini Central Mounts and is realizing the planning of some conservation activities in the site; it gives moreover technical support to the beneficiaries of financing tool DOCUP OB2 Latium 2000-2006, MeasureI.1, Sub-measure I.1.2. Protection and Management of Natura 2000 sites.

Parks Regional Agency (ARP)

Parks Regional Agency has been instituted in 1993 and is created in order to support the political of system of the parks of the Latium Region. General objects of the Agency, according to the institutive law, are to assist the institutions of management in the planning and realization of the programs of compatible development, to collaborate with the regional offices to the elaboration of technical and financial programs in matter of protected areas comprising those for the access to the national and Community financings and, according to the Regional Authorities, to look after the professional formation, the modernization and the qualification of the staff of the protected areas.


TEMI srl

Temi, "engineering for the sustainability" is a private society of recent constitution (January 2001), been born for giving the answers to the requirements of public and private Administrations in the field of the management of the territory, the sustainable development and the nature and the environment protection. The society has been constituted on the base of one multi-tens experience of the single associates, matured on one side in the technical attendance to public and private administrations and from the other side in the planning of infrastructures, in the impact analysis, in the communication and in the creation of competences in the management of the protected areas (National Parks, Regional Parks, Natura 2000 sites) and in the conservation of the nature. TEMI is a natural candidate therefore, from its birth, in the specialized technical attendance to public and private administrations in the processes of programming, planning and performance of participations and actions on the territory and in the management, protection and valorisation of the environmental resources. Tens of Management Plans of Natura 2000 sites in the Latium Region have been elaborated by them. The staff of TEMI is composed from engineers, architects, biologists, naturalists and economists, that they link just the professional contribution on the multi-task concept of group job.

University of the Studies of the Tuscia (Viterbo) – Department of Ecology and the Economic Sustainable Development (DECOS)

The Department of Ecology and the Economic Sustainable Development (DECOS) of the University of the Studies of the Tuscia has been founded to March 2003. The main research interests to are devoted to ecology and sustainable development and, as to consequence, the composition of the Department is highly multidisciplinary. In particular, the Co-operation between Ecologists, Biologists and Economists has allowed blending different skills to conceive and carry out multidisciplinary, innovative research projects. Many research projects have been carried out jointly with local institutions, specially when aimed at the environmental development, conservation and/or restoration of the geographic area to where the University resides (Tuscia, northern Latium). Many scientific programs to are still running, founded by national and international (EU) institutions. The Department of Ecology and Economical Sustainable Development of the Tuscia University (Viterbo, Italy) is partner in the ongoing LIFE Nature project on salt Marsh in Tarquinia area.

Province of Crotone – Marine Protected Area "Capo Rizzuto" (AMPCR)

The Marine Protected Area "Capo Rizzuto", instituted by a Ministry Act in 27.12.1991, modified in 19.02.2002, extends on a surface of 13.500,00 ha in the coast length from Capo Donato to Barco Vercillo (36 Km. of coast) in the territories of Municipalities of Crotone and Isola di Capo Rizzuto (Calabria Region). The marine protected area is managed from the Province of Crotone. The MPA is born with the scope to guarantee the conservation and the protection of the naturalistic values that have determined its institution and to stimulate and to program economic initiatives tied to one sustainable development in a position to valuing and being involved the local actors in a complex socio-economical growth. From here, it is to underline the strategic valence of the marine protected area to the inside of the development policy of the provincial administration of Crotone, above all with reference to an integrated management sea - coast - land and to the "cultural" increase to value the local human resources.