What's Life

The LIFE is a financial tool which contributes to the development, the carrying out and the updating of the Environmental Community legislation and, in particular, for the Conservation of Nature since 1992. In the European countries, the two legislative reference tools for Nature Conservancy (and for the relative LiFE funding) are the 79/409 EU directive, well known as "Birds Directive", and the 92/43 EU directive, well known as "Habitats Directive". These two community reforms give us sound advice about biodiversity conservancy in the EU members. Moreover, they also have some annexes with the lists of species and the habitats of Community interest, like the ones most threatened. These two directives, which respect measures promulgated by the Convention on Biodiversity (Rio de Janeiro, 1992), also provide the construction of an area network characterized by the presence of species and habitats identified. These areas are called Special Protection Areas (SPAs), when they are characterized by the presence of bird species, and Sites of Community Importance (SCIs), when the Habitats Directive identified the different species and habitats. The LIFE project is directly taken by European Commission on issues such as: regulations, exhalation of announcements, evaluation and passage of projects, co-funding and monitoring of the same projects. The Latium area is the beneficial owner given that it undertakes to provide funds towards its technical organism: the Regional Parks Agency.