Shoreline of Astura Tower (IT6030048)

Town and province:

The SCI "Shoreline of Astura Tower" (IT6030048) is located along the Latium coast in proximity of Astura river, in the town of Neptune (RM).

Authority administrator:

The SCI is included inside of the Polygon of Neptune’s shot and it belongs to the Ministry of Defence, General Direction of the Earthly Armaments, Office Territorial Technician Earthly Armaments of Neptune (U.T.T.A.T.).

Link and conctacts:

Phone office: 06-98576239

Geographical position:

Its geographical position is characterized by the following geographical coordinates:

Longitude Latitude
E12°40'47"; E15°45'17" N41°26'45"; N41°24'17"

Because of the presence of the Polygon of Neptune’s shot, the entrance to this area is extremely limited to people so for this reason, this area is considered a world heritage site. Moreover it is important for the biodiversity.

The SCI has a surface of 201 hectares : it is a predominantly flat area with a middle height of 6 meters (greatest height 13 m) above sea level The project affects an area of the pine forest of Astura Tower, which occupies a surface of about 70 hectares and it is situated south of SCI, in proximity of the tower that gives the name to the SCI.


The SCI “Shoreline of Astura Tower " has pinewoods, damp zones and sandy dunes.

The dune beach system has geomorphologic and climatic characteristics typical of the Tyrrhenian coast. There are some well preserved vegetable formations except for the dunes with forests of Pinus pineae/or Pinus pinaster which covers 55% of the SCI.

For military reasons the free entry to the SCI is not admitted and so, this area is well preserved.