Sand bank from Crotone to Le Castella (IT9320097)

Town and province

The SCI" Sand bank from Crotone to Le Castella ", is located in the coastal feature south of Crotone, between Capo Donato and Barco Vercillo (36 km of coast) on a surface of 13.500,00 hectares and for a depth of 100 meters towards the open sea. The SCI area is the Protect marine area of Capo Rizzuto thanks to D.M. of the 27.12.1991, which was modified with D.M. 19.02.2002.


Authority administrator

The authority administrator is the Province of Crotone.

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Geographical position:

Its geographical position is characterized by the following geographical coordinates:

Longitude Latitude
E17°10’47’’ N38°58'56''


The seabed is characterized by the presence of oceanic Posidonia that covers about 70% of the SCI. It is well-preserved and it can be used like example climax. In this site there is a high biodiversity and it is important like nursery of fish and like area for the protection of the coast. The focus of the interventions is on areas with the greatest degree of vulnerability threatened by illegal bottom-trawler nets.