Sand backs of Tor Paterno (IT6000010)

Town and province:

The SCI “Sand backs of Tor Paterno” is located off Castel Fusano (RM). The SCI has a surface of 26.79 hectares: it is an area characterized by seabeds between 18 and 60 meters deep.

Authority administrator:

The authority administrator of the 'Protected Marine Area is Romanatura.

Link and contacts:

RomaNatura - Phone. 06.35405310

Geographical position:

Its geographical position is characterized by the following geographical coordinates:

Longitude Latitude
E 12°20’20’’ N 41°36'18''


The “Sand backs of Tor Paterno” are characterized by a rock formation, covered by organisms animals and vegetables which dig and build their "nests" by changing its aspect during the centuries. It seems as an island on the sea floor surrounded by a sandy and muddy desert. The greatest depth is about 60 meters while the top of the "mountain" reaches 18 meters beneath the sea level. Therefore, this seamount doesn’t come out of the water and it is not normally visible by the surface given that its waters are a lot of cloudy because of , the Tiber flows nearby this area. However the materials transported by the river are extremely important for the development of the marine vegetation and for the "ecological productivity" of the zone. In fact a large quantity of animal and vegetable life is present in this area.