Shoreline between Tarquinia and Montalto di Castro (IT6010027)

Town and province:

The SCI " Shoreline between Tarquinia and Montalto di Castro" (IT6010027) is located along the Latium coast immediately south of the inhabited center of Navy Montalto, in the Commune of Montalto of Castro (RM).

Authority administrator:

The authority administrator is town of Montalto di Castro.

Link and contacts:

Phone: 0766-870123

Geographical position:

Its geographical position is characterized by the following geographical coordinates:

Longitude Latitude
E11°36’43’’ N42°18’31’’

Northside the SCI is delimited by the inhabited center of Montalto Navy, while southside by the Arrone torrent. It develops on a coastal zone with a middle depth of 400 meters.

The SCI has a surface of 200 hectares.: it is a flat area with middle height of 2 meters (maximum height 11 meters) above sea level. This SCI is situated in front of the sea, nearby a little civilized agricultural area. It is a point of reference for the bathing tourism of the province of Viterbo.


The SCI " Shoreline between Tarquinia and Montalto di Castro” is characterized by reasonable preserved dunes. It is important for the entomofauna and the herpetofauna and for the presence of two typical priority habitats of the Mediterranean coasts: the "coastal Dunes with Juniperus spp." and "Dunes with forests of Pinus pinea and/or Pinus pinaster". The site belongs to the categories of "Dunes consolidated" and it is an environmental relict of the Tyrrhenian sea.

The SCI plays a fundamental role in the conservation of the coastal sand dunes, which are characterized by high biodiversity of animals and vegetables. Different typologies of habitats live in this area, but the predominant forests are the Pinus pinea and/or Pinus pinaster.