Macchiatonda ( IT6030019)

Town and province:

The SCI “Macchiatonda” (IT6030019) is located along the Latium coast nearby Santa Severa and at the foot of Tolfa and Ceriti mountains.

This site is situated in a little town called Santa Marinella (RM). North side it is marked off by Aurelia road, south side it is marked off by the seaside while east and west side it is marked off by military polygons of Furbara and Santa Severa.

Authority administrator:

Until 1983, this area was a camping ground while nowadays it is a WWF oasis.

The authority administrator is the town of Santa Marinella.

Link and contacts:

Phone: 0766 573032

Geographical position:

Its geographical position is characterized by the following geographical coordinates:

Longitude Latitude
E11°59’34’’ N42°00’05’’

The SCI has a surface of 242 hectares. It is a flat area with middle height of 2 meters (greatest height 10 m) above sea level. This area is characterized by extensive cultivations.


The SCI is an ecological relict of biodiversity which characterized the Tyrrhenian coast for a long period but because of a lot of drainages this variety of biodiversity isn’t so present any more. This SCI is characterized by extensive cultivations, alophilic gardens, brackish and fresh ponds, dunes and wood areas. Moreover there are a lot of moist zones which ensure the rest of different species of birds.

This site is characterized by fluvial deposits, clays, silts, sands, gravels and Holocene travertine.

In the dune areas, the depressive zones ensure the emergence of water-bearing stratum and the creation of moist zones.

The SCI is a flat area characterized by agricultural activities which facilitate the burying of moist zones.

In different areas of the SCI there are grounds rich in salts thanks to brackish water present in the water-bearing stratum.