Sacred Island (IT6030024)

Town and province:

The SCI “ Sacred Island” (IT6030024) is located along of Latium coast in town of Fiumicino, (RM) on the mouth of the Tiber River. This area is marked off artificial canals present along the Tiber’s mouth.


Authority administrator:

The authority administrator is town of Fiumicino.

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Geographical position:

Its geographical position is characterized by the following geographical coordinates:

Longitude Latitude
E12°14’17’’ N41°44’47’’

The SCI has a surface of 26 hectares: it is a flat area with middle height of 2 meters (maximum height 3 meters) above sea level. This area is characterized by extensive cultivations.


The SCI "Sacred Island" is important for the presence of rare vegetable species like the Salicornia.

This SCI is a periodically flooded depression and it is constituted by sandy deposits.

In the most depressed areas, the ground has a high salinity and there are characteristic conditions for the development of halophyte vegetable species.

The SCI is characterized by artificial canals which reduce the formation of marshy areas.

The agricultural activities have altered the ground and in the same time, they have limited the development of depressed areas.