Sand bank from Crotone to Le Castella (IT9320097) - Azioni di intervento


Installation of 96 submarine structures for the protection and the safeguard of the biodiversity in the habitat of priority Community interest 1120* "Posidonia oceanica" in SCI "Sandbanks from Crotone to the Castella" (IT9320097)

The action consists in the allocation of 96 submarine structures called "tripodi", along the coast line, by the use of floating platform ("pontone"). The structures will be approximately 500 m one from the other, contributing therefore to constitute a reticulum of deterrent structures that prevent the use of nets from towing, preserving the integrity of the Posidonia beds.

The involved areas are comprised between the 30 and 50 m of depth. The action will be realized in the SCI "Sandbanks from Crotone to Castella" (IT 9320097), within the Marine Protected Area of Capo Rizzuto in the zone between Capo Colonna and to Capo Cinmiti. The monitoring activities of this action will not be financed by the project LIFE Nature. The monitoring results will be discussed in the interim and final technical report of the project.