Posidonia oceanica

Drawing by Alessandra Cecca

The Posidonia oceanicais an evolved plant, which looks like terrestrial grasses and is a member of Phanerogam Family. It is characterized by long green ribbon like leaves, which form, extended grasslands. It especially colonizes sandy bottoms and it forms robust rhizomes. It usually lives between 10 - 30 meters deep but in very clear water it can live in 40 meters deep, it is sensitive to light. The Posidonia oceanicais important for the marine coastal ecosystems and thanks to its considerable foliar development it produces oxygen and it is a shelter an area of reproduction and a source of food for many fishes, cephalopods and chordates. The Posidonia oceanica builds seabeds, it protects the beaches against erosion and it is extremely susceptible to pollutants. It is an important biological indicator but unfortunately it is going to disappear in the Mediterranean coasts.

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